Orthopedic Priority Care

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JIS Orthopedics offers Orthopedic Priority Care in New Albany, Ohio, providing immediate, specialized attention for acute conditions.

Sports Medicine

A soccer athlete being treated with sports medicine.

Explore a full explanation of what a sports medicine injury specialist does. Learn why sports injuries occur and how they can often be treated without surgery.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy session at JIS Orthopedics.

Find out how physical therapy can help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Learn about the different types of sports medicine therapies that can help.


Man with shoulder pain.

Get a summary of the causes of shoulder pain. Learn how an orthopedic surgeon can provide pain relief and treat your discomfort non-surgically as well.

Neck & Spine

Patient with spine pain.

Find a full understanding of neck, back, and spine pain. Learn what conditions cause these various pains and how a doctor can treat each of them.


Patient knee pain being treated.

If you’re suffering from a knee injury, knee pain, or arthritis, learn how JIS Orthopedics can help you get back to living your life without limits.


A woman with hip pain.

Get a comprehensive list of hip pain conditions. Learn what may be causing your hip discomfort and how a doctor can treat it without surgery.

Hand & Wrist

Man with write pain.

If you’re suffering from finger pain, hand pain, wrist pain, or any upper extremity injuries, learn how Dr. AJ Julka and JIS Orthopedics can help you get back to living your life without limits.

General Orthopedic Pain

A woman running after being treated at JIS Orthopedics.

Discover the common orthopedic injuries that can cause you pain. Learn how your injury can be treated with surgery and non-surgical means.


A man with elbow pain being treated by a doctor.

Discover all you need to know about elbow pain. Learn what causes joint elbow pain and how a doctor can treat it surgically and non-surgically.