How Long Will My New Replacement Joint Last?

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Hi, I’m Dr. Keith Berend. One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How long will this last?” And, usually, what the patient or their family means is, “What’s the chance of me needing to have another surgery on that joint?”

The overall rate of ever having to have a revision or redo surgery is less than 10% across the entire population. Looking at it in a different way, there’s about a 1% risk that you would need another surgery on that joint per year. 

So, 1% per year—that means 20 years after your joint replacement, there’s an 80% chance or better that you’re doing fine, or a 20% chance or a little less that you will have had or needed another operation. 

The most recent large worldwide study supports that claim, in that 20 to 25% revision rate—or 80 to 85% of people—are doing fine at 20 years. The results are roughly the same with shoulder replacement, where approximately 20 to 25% of shoulders will need to be replaced at some point during your lifetime.

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