Anterior Bikini Total Hip Replacement

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“Absolutely fantastic from the start to where I’m at in the process of a total hip replacement. Wonderful staff in constant contact directing me through the process. Thank you!” — Kress C.

Anterior Bikini Total Hip Replacement | St. Clairsville, OH

Hip pain can have an overwhelming impact on your life. Every step can be excruciating. Perhaps you have tried nonsurgical methods in the past, but despite your best efforts, your pain persists. You know something further needs to be done, but you are unsure which direction to go.

The thought of hip replacements has intimidated many. However, our highly trained surgeons at JIS Orthopedics use a minimally invasive surgical technique that has brought relief to many. If you would like more information about a bikini total hip replacement, schedule an appointment at our offices in New Albany or St. Clairsville today.

What Is Direct Anterior Hip Surgery?

Direct anterior hip surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to replace your hip joint with an artificial hip using an anterior approach without cutting through any muscles or tendons. This procedure differs from a traditional hip replacement in which major muscles are cut to access your hip joint.

What Is a Bikini Incision?

A bikini incision is a short, oblique incision that is made in the skin crease of the groin, within your bikini line. In a traditional anterior approach, the incision runs obliquely on the front of the thigh. The bikini incision technique appeals to those needing a hip replacement but prefer not to have a “visible scar.”


Who Is a Good Candidate for Bikini Anterior Hip Replacement?

You may make a good candidate for a bikini anterior hip replacement surgery if you are experiencing severe pain due to the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

You may also make a good candidate if your body has not responded to conservative measures.

However, hip replacement surgery isn’t for everyone. You may not be an eligible candidate if you have:

  • Severe medical problems, such as heart failure, anemia, recent heart attack, unstable angina, etc.
  • Muscle weakness
  • An active infection
  • Severe obesity

It is important to talk to your specialist about conditions that may disqualify you.

What Happens During a Bikini Hip Replacement?

A bikini hip replacement is performed under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Your specialist will ask you to lie on your back on a special operating table.

Your surgeon will then make the bikini line incision. Your muscles will be gently moved aside so your surgeon can access your joint.

Despite the small incision, there is good exposure and visibility of the proximal femur and acetabulum. To reduce the chances of nerve damage, your surgeon will make sure to protect your lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

The femoral head that is worn out will then be removed, and the implants will be inserted into your femur. Once the artificial components are securely fixed in place, your muscles will be moved back into their proper positions. Finally, once your anterior hip replacement is complete, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures.

Risk and Complications of an Anterior Hip Replacement

All surgeries carry some risk. While risks and complications associated with anterior hip replacement are rare, they may include:

  • Infection at the incision site
  • Fracture
  • Blood clot
  • Nerve damage
  • Changes in leg length equality

Benefits and Advantages of an Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

The benefits and advantages of an anterior hip replacement surgery include:

  • Pain relief
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved coordination
  • Increased strength
  • Smaller incisions
  • Less scarring
  • Lower risk of dislocation
  • Shortened operative time
  • Reduced postoperative pain
  • Minimal trauma to your soft tissue

Post Operative Care and Recovery for an Anterior Hip Replacement

Your specialist will provide you with specific instructions to aid in faster recovery. These may include:

  • Taking medications as prescribed to relieve pain and prevent infection
  • Regularly participating in physical therapy and or rehabilitation to restore the functionality of your hip joint and your strength
  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Avoiding tobacco and smoking

Since everyone is different, several factors can have an impact on the ultimate success of your bikini hip replacement surgery and the length of the recovery time. The strength of your bones and muscles and your general health and lifestyle can play a part.

Thankfully, most patients can begin walking with a cane within a day or so of their procedure. Every step you take is one that brings you closer to regaining your independence.

The thought of needing a hip replacement can be daunting, but you do not have to go through the process alone. Our surgeons at JIS Orthopedics use minimally invasive techniques to help put your mind at ease.

Schedule an appointment at our offices in New Albany and St. Clairsville, OH today to see if an anterior bikini hip replacement surgery is the right option for you!

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Live Without Limits Today!

If you’re suffering from hip pain or a hip injury, learn how JIS Orthopedics can help you get back to living your life without limits. To schedule a consultation, click the button below!

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