Separated AC Joint Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery

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Have you slammed on your shoulder, all of the sudden your arm on that shoulder feels weak, and in pain? You may have a separated AC joint (Acromioclavicular). The ligament that connects the shoulder blade to the clavicle.

Causes, Signs and Symptoms of a Separated AC Joint

Usually an AC joint injury occurs when you have direct trauma to the shoulder. You can also fall on an outstretched hand or your elbow to cause this injury.

Football, Lacrosse, Skiing, Hockey, a hard fall or accident can all cause an AC joint injury.

As you’d expect with trauma you will likely experience pain, weakness, numbness, limited range of motion and a visible deformity.

Shoulder Separations, Tears and Other Injuries

Other shoulder injuries like a shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tears can have similar symptoms.

Explore information about other shoulder injuries.

It’s important to get professional treatment so you can appropriately get treated and recover, avoiding negative future implications.

Schedule an appointment to get a diagnosis from an experienced physician with an X-Ray or MRI, if necessary.

Separated AC Joint Treatment + Recovery

You’ll be happy to know that most AC joints are grade I, II or III, which typically don’t require surgery.

It’s recommended to put your arm in a sling, ice the shoulder, take anti-inflammatory drugs to recover.

It’s also important to do physical therapy in order to avoid potentially permanent, limited range of motion.

Recovery typically takes around 2 months. If you do happen to get surgery it can take two or three times that.

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