How Will I Be in Contact with My Surgeon Before and After Surgery?

Play Video about When will you see your surgeon before and after surgery at JIS Orthopedics?When will you see your surgeon before and after surgery at JIS Orthopedics?


Hello, I’m Dr. Jason Hurst from JIS Orthopedics.

If you have your surgery at the surgery center, the surgeons are around all day—in the PACU and in the recovery area. So, you typically see your surgeon a lot at the surgery center because they’re around so much. 

Typically, in the hospital, when you come out of the operating room and go to the PACU, you then go to the floor or your actual private room in the hospital, and you typically don’t see the surgeon until the next day. 

We typically do rounds every morning on our patients, unless there’s some unforeseen circumstance, and those rounds are done either by the operating surgeon or by his associate.

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