Will I Need Crutches or a Walker?

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Hello, I’m Dr. Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr

Following first-time (or what we call primary) hip replacement and knee replacement surgery, you will be able to place all of your weight on your leg. There would be no restriction to weight bearing. 

We will suggest that you use crutches, or most patients use a walker. Now, the walker is for stability. We obviously don’t want you to fall, so we want you to stabilize yourself with the walker, putting all the weight on your leg. We believe you should use the walker for the first several weeks, and then perhaps go to a cane for the next few weeks. 

So I suggest that you use a walker initially. Once you feel stable, you will migrate to the cane, and then you will go without any assistive devices. Therefore, by 6 weeks, you should be walking independently.

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