How Soon Can I Resume My Athletic Activities After Surgery?

Play Video about Dr. Crawford explains when you can return to sports after surgery.


Hi, I’m Dr. David Crawford. Many patients ask me how long it will take before they can return to playing sports. That depends greatly on what type of sports you want to return to. 

Golf is a very common one that folks ask us about. So, typically, we’ll say they can get back to putting and chipping a month to a month and a half after surgery. It depends if it’s the right or left knee or hip, or if you’re in a lower extremity situation for that type of sport. 

Tennis and things like that—it’s really when you get your muscle strength back, and then even walking or jogging. 

The implants are stable, like, for hip replacement, about a month or month and a half. For knee replacement, really, right after the surgery, if they’re cemented in. So, it’s just more about when your muscle strength and stability are back in the joints.

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