How Will I Manage Any Pain I May Have After My Surgery?

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Hello, I’m Dr. Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr.

We have adopted what is called a multimodal approach to pain management. That means even before we commence with the operation, we will give you medications, such as Tylenol or steroids. These medications will help control the post-operative pain. 

The anesthesiologist will be doing a spinal if you’re having a hip replacement. Or, if you’re having a shoulder replacement or a knee replacement, they will be using what are called local anesthetic blocks. These will help control that post-operative burst of pain that some patients may experience if they don’t have these blocks. 

Additionally, at the time of the operation, the surgeons will administer a local anesthetic in the wound to help with post-operative pain management. 

Now, obviously, these blocks will wear off and you will need appropriate pain medication to help with that. We suggest that you use Tylenol. We suggest that you use anti-inflammatories and we will give you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory. These are medications that you’re probably familiar with—such as Motrin or Aleve—but the one we usually use is called Celebrex. 

Additionally, we will give you prescriptions for some narcotic pain medications to help control the pain. Your nurse will give you very specific instructions on how to use these pain medications. They will review those with you and your family. You will have ample medications to help control the pain. 

You should be aware of the fact that after hours and on weekends, it is impossible for our offices to refill pain medications. This will have to be done during normal business hours.

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